zum Strauß

Corporate Design


Name: Gasthaus zum Strauß
Format: Logo, website, business card, menu, leaflets, signs etc.
Time of creation: Year 2022 (ongoing)
Project type: Employed work


Corporate design for the restaurant „Gasthaus zum Strauß“

The Gasthaus zum Strauß is a historic German restaurant well-known for its simple, local cuisine, homey atmosphere and amazing view. It was recently taken over by the next generation, who added some modern touches to its traditional vibe. The newly created corporate design captures the restaurant’s spirit by combining conventional and progressive elements. This project is still in progress. So far, the logo, website, menus, business cards, directional signs around the restaurant, several leaflets, coupons, stamps and more were created.

The building in which the Gasthaus zum Strauss is situated, a large freestanding house with several stories built into a hill surrounded by nature.
The Gasthaus zum Strauss
The logo of the Gasthaus zum Strauss, the silhouette of a large house half covered by a hill.
Its logo was derived from the building’s shape as it appears when you drive down the road towards it.
The Gasthaus zum Strauss' menu, leaflets, business cards and other print design jobs relating to the restaurant lying on a wooden table.
The corporate design includes both print design for inside …
A directional sign on a post sporting the logo of the Gasthaus zum Strauss and its opening times, backed by forest and hills.
… as well as directional and informational signs around the house.

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