Name: Meantime
Format: Font
Time of creation: Summer 2020
Project type: University project


Font that combines characteristics of both sans-serif linear antiquas and renaissance antiquas

The typeface Meantime (German: Zwischenzeit) was named for being stuck between typographical eras. It has the characteristic changes in stroke weight and tilt associated with so-called renaissance antiquas, a kind of font type developed centuries ago. But it lacks the obligatory serifs that would make it one. Yet because of these characteristics it also doesn’t fit into the group of the sans-serif linear antiquas more often seen today. Its sister typeface including serifs is called Back Then (German: Damals).

Four course luxury menu card decorated with illustrations of leaves.
Meantime and Back Then were created to be compatible, like in this menu
Meantime has an elegant note reminding of beauty magazines
Back Then has a more traditonal vibe and can therefore be used in fairytales and other prose

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Please note: Meantime and Back Then are experimental fonts. They can be installed and used like any other font; however, they each only consist of one font weight with the most basic glyphs. There may also be issues with spacing.