Hi, I’m Helena, a graphic designer based in Germany. Welcome to my online portfolio.


Various colorful seed shapes made from paper cutouts.


An introductory video to the work of OpenSourceSeeds, an NGO fighting against seed privatization.

A hand with the forefinger lifted reprimandingly. The finger has a small face and a speech bubble pointing toward it.

Der moralische Stinkefinger

A web comic about moralism in sustainability communication, featuring the five fingers of a hand as characters.

The beginning letters of the word "meantime", displayed as if they were currently being written on a computer.


The aptly named Meantime is a font that combines characteristics of two separate typographical eras.

The logo of the Gasthaus zum Strauß – a house silhouette behind a hill – made from paper cutouts.

Gasthaus zum Strauß

Tradition and modernity are combined in the corporate design of the Gasthaus zum Strauß, a historic German restaurant.

Paper cutout of a stomped-out cigarette butt.

Why Not?

A series of posters raising awareness for recycling even those trash types we’re used to just throwing on the street, like cigarettes.

A large, blue, blackletter "F" on an orange background, made from paper cutouts.

Bruch mit Tradition

„Bruch mit Tradition“ is a workbook teaching you how to read and write in black letter using fun puzzles and quizzes.

Portrait of Helena Maier made from paper cutouts.

Helena Maier

Welcome! I’m Helena, a German freelance graphic designer. Besides that, I also illustrate, animate and code a little. Fittingly, I enjoy working with many different design formats and blending digital and print design. Some recurring subjects in my projects are typography, sustainability and a healthy love for wordplay. To see some examples of my work, take a look at my portfolio.

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